Last day of July 2023, kids/teenagers/children

So Adison has been hanging out with this boy, Chris (for some reason I always want to call him Eric). He is moving to CA for baseball next month so they aren’t labeling their relationship and she ( think he is too) trying not to get attached. He is her first kiss! Saturday night he […]

Life as of July 26

Some days I feel overwhelmed and bored all at the same time. That doesn’t make sense I know. I have been doing my best to be present in all that I am doing. Doesn’t always work but hey I’m trying 🙂 I feel like we all talk/text less than we used to, maybe its just […]

Do’n life

Hey ladies Hope you two are doing fabulous. Is anything new in your lives? Work is work, haha. I am rebuilding my portfolio so I can start applying for jobs. Adison is starting the competition with Smok’n Rose they will have three or five shows, not sure of the final number yet. Kylee is dancing […]

Just a day in the cloud to deploy elastic

So I spent months getting a Kubernetes compute engine running… tried on virtual machine… oh wait that’s no longer supported by elastic, try Azure Kube… oh wait can’t do that because even though it’s on SeaGen cloud, it has to talk to controller outside SeaGen cloud… so finally get it running on google cloud!!! Yea!! […]