Last day of July 2023, kids/teenagers/children

So Adison has been hanging out with this boy, Chris (for some reason I always want to call him Eric). He is moving to CA for baseball next month so they aren’t labeling their relationship and she ( think he is too) trying not to get attached. He is her first kiss! Saturday night he came over and they watched a movie and she said they made out. The look on Mike’s face Oh I wish I got a picture of it. He knows it’s going to happen but the reality of her getting old I think is setting in. Her getting older is bittersweet, I am super excited for her to experience all that life has to offer yet I don’t want either of them to be older than 8.
Kylee is still looking for a roommate, she has bought a couch, table, and all the little necessities for an apartment. She is excited yet nervous but being down at the U last weekend helped. Seeing where her buildings are and where she will walk to. She and Aaron talked a little about them living so far apart, but she did say she is kind of ignoring it not wanting to deal with it yet. I have a feeling it’s going to be a rude awaking for both of them how busy they both will be and the little time they will have together. I know it will be hard for her but have a feeling it will be worse for him. So we think he will end up spending more time at her apartment than not, she said if he does she told him he will need to help her pay for it. Or they will end up pulling apart.
So we will see, I just want her to be happy and enjoy the time and space she is in whatever that means for her.

I am supposed to hear about my job interview today…..fingers crossed……hopefully the next post is going to be a super excited one 🙂

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