Last day of July 2023, kids/teenagers/children

So Adison has been hanging out with this boy, Chris (for some reason I always want to call him Eric). He is moving to CA for baseball next month so they aren’t labeling their relationship and she ( think he is too) trying not to get attached. He is her first kiss! Saturday night he […]

Life as of July 26

Some days I feel overwhelmed and bored all at the same time. That doesn’t make sense I know. I have been doing my best to be present in all that I am doing. Doesn’t always work but hey I’m trying 🙂 I feel like we all talk/text less than we used to, maybe its just […]

Do’n life

Hey ladies Hope you two are doing fabulous. Is anything new in your lives? Work is work, haha. I am rebuilding my portfolio so I can start applying for jobs. Adison is starting the competition with Smok’n Rose they will have three or five shows, not sure of the final number yet. Kylee is dancing […]