Do’n life

Hey ladies
Hope you two are doing fabulous. Is anything new in your lives?

Work is work, haha. I am rebuilding my portfolio so I can start applying for jobs.
Adison is starting the competition with Smok’n Rose they will have three or five shows, not sure of the final number yet.
Kylee is dancing like a crazy girl, tonight she is performing at the basketball halftime.
Love love my car, it is so nice to have space and not have to be worried about getting stuck in the mud when I take Adison out to the barn.

We decided to sell our trailer and Rzr, Mike is planning on getting a Jeep we are going to get a popup tent trailer that has bigger wheels so we can take it in to the wilderness. I am excited, sad to see the trailer go but it will be good. We don’t use it very much anymore with the girls being so busy and Mike working weekends.

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